Why Should You Choose Vagamon Gardens

Welcome to Vagamon Gardens! Nestled atop a picturesque mountain, our establishment provides a captivating panorama of tea fields and a serene lake within the Vagamon Estate. Originally constructed in the 1930s for the welfare of estate workers, it underwent reconstruction in 1971. In 2023, it has been meticulously restored to cater to solo and group travelers, proudly spearheaded by MMJ Vagamon Tourism Venture under the Plantation Tourism Project. Our accommodation comprises two bedrooms and three dormitories, each accommodating up to 10 guests. The cozy bedrooms boast neat and tidy beds with crisp linen, while the hygienic and clean toilet complex ensures a comfortable stay. At Vagamon Gardens, we are dedicated to offering a delightful and authentic experience amid the natural beauty of Vagamon Estate.
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