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Experience the essence of freshness as we bring the finest ingredients from farm to table, ensuring a burst of flavors.

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Savor our signature dishes, a harmonious blend of innovative flavors, creating a memorable dining experience.

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Welcome to Snowdonia Restaurant! We are a professional Restaurants service provider located in Kuvalettam, Vagamon, Kerala 685505. At Snowdonia Restaurant, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch Restaurants service with unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring our customers receive the utmost satisfaction. Contact Pratheesh Karun at +917907857528/+917907857528 Number or to discover how we can help you. Lets embark on a delightful journey together with Snowdonia Restaurant!


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Find us across the city, bringing our culinary expertise to different neighborhoods.

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In every dish, we compose an ode to tradition, harmonizing with a symphony of quality that resonates with every palate.


Kuvalettam, Vagamon, Kerala 685505