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Hotel BakkathTowers | Vennala Road | Near Holiday Inn, Chakkaraparampu | Vennala P.O Cochin- 682 028 , Kerala India

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Grasshopper hospitality is a hotel sales and Marketing consultant firm comprising a team of youngprofessionals from the hospitality industry, with innovative and strategic ideas to alliance with independently owned resorts for sales and marketing by sharing their knowledge, skill and industrial exposure along with a deep commitment while maintaining a long term business relationship. With the right sales and accurate marketing placement, any hotel can be a success. Grasshopper hospitality can do the same for your hotel. Teams of Grasshopper hospitality are well experience in the sales and marketing of hotels. That makes us intimately acquainted with the challenges hotels face. We know the problems, hurdles and bumps in the hospitality industry-because we ve been down that road, and we have the experience to put you on the straight path to higher sales
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