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Hotel Catalog: Rooms, Availability, Special Rates

Our Hotel Catalog is designed to transform the way you manage your hotel rooms, providing an effective platform to showcase your accommodations, present real-time availability through an interactive chart, and offer exclusive special rates for travel agents. Elevate your hotel business by leveraging these dynamic features today.

  • Your Rooms, Your Way: The Hotel Catalog provides a dedicated space for you to display your rooms, complete with detailed descriptions and stunning visuals.

  • Live Availability: Forget the hassle of manual availability updates. With the Hotel Catalog's live availability chart, travelers, travel agents, and potential guests can effortlessly check room availability for the next six months. Keep your occupancy data up-to-date and never miss a booking opportunity

  • Exclusive Rates for Agents: Strengthen your partnerships with travel agents by offering exclusive booking rates through our Hotel Catalog. Set special rates, incentives, and commission structures to attract more bookings from agents, all while seamlessly managing reservations.

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Hotel Catalog: Why You Need It

Elevate your hotel's online presence and enhance your occupancy rates with the Hotel Catalog feature on B2B91. This essential tool provides hoteliers with a dynamic platform to showcase their property's rooms, availability, and exclusive rates to both travel agents and travelers. By seamlessly integrating your hotel into our catalog, you'll increase visibility and bookings while streamlining your operations.

Why You Need It:By joining the Hotel Catalog, you expand your reach, increase direct bookings, and maintain full control of your hotel's rates and inventory. This feature enables you to stand out in the highly competitive hospitality industry, delivering a seamless booking experience to travelers and travel agents alike. Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of the Hotel Catalog for your property's success.

Unlock Efficiency and Boost Bookings with Our Hotel Catalog

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, the Hotel Catalog feature is your ticket to efficiency and convenience. Imagine bidding farewell to the days of manually sharing room availability, tirelessly calling agents to check room status, and managing bookings across various platforms. With our Hotel Catalog, automation takes center stage. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and repetitive tasks, and say hello to a streamlined process.

  • Instant Room Availability Updates: Bid farewell to the hassle of manually updating room availability. Our Hotel Catalog syncs in real-time, ensuring your room status is always up-to-date. When a room is booked, it instantly reflects across all platforms, eliminating double-bookings and increasing your room occupancy.
  • Effortless Rate Management: Managing special rates for travel agents has never been easier. Our catalog allows you to specify exclusive rates, making it simple for travel agents to access and book rooms at the right prices. This feature fosters strong partnerships with travel agents, boosting your business's bottom line.
  • One-Stop Booking Hub: Agents and customers no longer need to contact you directly for room availability. They can effortlessly check room availability on the catalog, making inquiries, and booking rooms directly. This eliminates confusion and ensures a seamless booking experience for all.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The Hotel Catalog feature not only saves you time but also reduces operational costs. With automation handling room availability and rates, your staff can focus on providing top-notch customer service, enhancing guest experiences.
  • Competitive Edge: In the competitive hospitality industry, staying ahead is crucial. The Hotel Catalog gives you the edge by providing an innovative and efficient way to manage bookings. Stand out from the competition and offer a smoother booking experience to both agents and customers.

The Hotel Catalog feature is your gateway to modernizing your hotel management. Embrace automation, reduce manual efforts, and enjoy the benefits of seamless room availability updates and effortless rate management. Elevate your hotel's reputation and profitability with this cutting-edge tool. Say hello to efficiency, and say goodbye to manual hassles. Get started with B2B91 today and transform your hotel business.

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fortless Hotel Management with our catalog

With our comprehensive tool, you can effortlessly list your rooms, track their availability, and offer special booking rates to travel agents. No more manual updates, no more lost bookings – just an efficient way to manage your hotel's room inventory.

Easy Room Listing: Getting started with our Hotel Catalog is a breeze. After registering your account, you can quickly add all your hotel's rooms, complete with detailed descriptions and images. The intuitive interface allows you to specify the availability of each room for the next six months. It's an excellent way to keep your room inventory up-to-date and accessible to your customers and fellow travel agents.

Live Availability Chart: One of the standout features of our Hotel Catalog is the live availability chart. This chart displays real-time room availability for the next six months, making it easy for customers and travel agents to identify open dates. Say goodbye to manual inquiries and lengthy phone calls – with our tool, everyone can see room availability at a glance.

Exclusive Booking Rates: As a hotelier, you can offer exclusive booking rates to travel agents through our Hotel Catalog. This feature encourages agents to book more of your rooms, helping you maximize your occupancy and revenue. With a few clicks, you can specify special rates for different periods or room categories, making it an incredibly flexible tool to boost your business.

With our Hotel Catalog, you'll gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. It's the ultimate solution to manage your hotel's room inventory efficiently and improve your bookings. Say goodbye to manual updates and missed opportunities – join us today and experience the future of hotel room management.


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Explore a plethora of additional features that empower your business and elevate your digital presence. From integrated chatbots and seamless sharing options to special rates for agents and efficient inquiry tracking, our platform offers an array of tools to transform your catalog into a dynamic and customer-centric asset. Discover the possibilities and take your business to new heights with these exceptional features.